Decolonize Daily

Unity & Action
Peace & Love

Decolonize Daily brings together art, music, film, technology and storytelling to educate, inspire and mobilize folks to take daily action aligned with longstanding movements for social justice.

Designed on Tongva & Chumash Territories

Make a tax-exempt donation to complete development of the mobile application as a free offering for all.

Take Informed Action

Our mobile application gives a growing community of socially conscious and concerned individuals an informative and simple way to take action every day aligned with longstanding social movements for collective liberation. Today, these include movements for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice, Womxn’s Equality, LGBTQIA+ Equality, Immigration Equality, Anti-Islamophobia and more.

We scour the web and work with community partners organizing social actions to send you the most effective things you can do on a daily basis to carry social justice movements forward.

DD App With Multiple Timelines

See Connections & Progress

Each of our actions are placed within the context of a social movement’s past milestones, current campaigns and future goals so you can see exactly how your action impacts progress. This knowledge is developed from a people’s perspective so we are no longer perpetuating colonial-settler narratives that obscure the truth of our collective past, present and future.

The timelines allow you to see how actions impact multiple intersectional movements and opportunities for solidarity and collaboration across movements are revealed as we build momentum every day.

Movements and actions are updated daily and we send you notifications when there are changes related to the actions you have taken.

Stay Up

Collaboratively creating a humanitarian, peaceful society inclusive of and empowering those most marginalized and oppressed requires much energy sustained over an extended period of time.

To keep spirits up, continue learning and taking action, Decolonize Daily connects you with inspiring, socially conscious music to hear, films to watch and art to view. Actions also include self care and digital detox — like taking time away from the Internet and this app!