Lydia Poncé, Grandmother of Decolonize Daily, featured on the cover of Time Magazine


This #GivingTuesday -- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised... It Will Be In Your Pocket.

There are a lot of people hurting right now -- in the streets and at our borders. With partners like Lydia and the amazing organizing communities we've been privileged to work with over the last few years, this mobile application can help quickly get the word out about actions and keep folks up with art, music and stories all placed within the context of longstanding movements for social change. We've been community building, designing & developing for 2+ years and are ready to cross the finish line with your support.

Whether it's $5 or $5,555, every amount helps us complete and launch the free, nonprofit Decolonize Daily mobile application and comes with a special gift for you! Find out more about each gift below or at Thank you for reading our story below and for your support!

Lydia Poncé (Mayo, Quechua, adopted-Tongva) -- one tough grandmother, Director of Idle No More SoCal, American Indian Movement (AIM) member and grandmother of Decolonize Daily. Lydia has been fighting alongside those that stand up for truth, love, justice, peace, prayer, family and Mother Earth since being struck by images of American Indian Movement protests on the evening news at the age of seven in sunny San Pedro during the late 1960s. Lydia is currently featured on the cover of Time Magazine alongside many others that stand for these same ideals, all gathered via the historic For Freedoms project. The Time cover article sparks a turning point in mainstream American culture's confrontation with colonization, the treatment of "immigrants" and the contradiction of America itself: what it purports to stand for and what is actually happening in its streets and at its borders. We are not only being asked, "Who Gets To Be American?" but we are also left wondering, "What is America?" Can we move toward a borderless nation whose inhabitants are so steadfastly supported in their spiritual and material growth, uninhibited by the coercion of colonial, exploitative, extractive mindsets and systems that they are openly able to love and accept one another and care for Mother Earth as their most ancient and important relative? Can we move toward a world where the oneness of all existence is woven into the fabric of our society and culture, leaving us free from fear?

Having worked closely with Lydia over the past few years, I have seen her vigilant commitment to her own experience as a womxn, grandmother and survivor of sexual assault, to her Indigenous, Black and Brown family, to her Venice people, to children, the hungry and homeless and to Mother Earth. Though it's her image being elevated, she represents and continues to fight doggedly, daily for these communities and all those being marginalized and oppressed.

My own personal decolonization journey over the past two+ years has led me to meet so many folks like Lydia working in various movements, across movements, in creative fields or simply living with a genuine grace and beauty so honest, their truth, love, creative wisdom and impact on the world is deeply moving and inspiring. Any of these individuals could have appeared on the cover of this magazine and it is my heartfelt intention to connect all those committed to freeing themselves and freeing those most marginalized and oppressed so we can envision and build together. Envisioning and sharing honest, beautiful, peaceful visions of what a decolonized future could look like is where Decolonize Daily began and is so essential for us to rise above the divisions we harbor within ourselves and within our movements. We have all internalized oppression & trauma, we have all hurt and been hurt by loved ones and we all have deeply personal reasons for our work in community. As we are able to come together around shared experience, passions, stories and visions, we heal and transcend our current state, opening portals to greater possibilities and deeper peace.

By bringing together art, music, film, stories and actions within the context of longstanding social movements, the free, nonprofit Decolonize Daily mobile application creates a platform with the people's interest at heart where we can connect, organize and take action on a daily basis. Humanity is under attack like never before and the application allows us to stay focused on civic, social and personal actions without being distracted, derailed or censored by mainstream corporate media and news cycle.

Donate now to support us in completing and launching the application. You will receive the following gifts for your donation (see for photos of each gift). Whether $5 or $5,555, any amount helps us get closer to completing the app.

$5 -- your name is added to the credits section of the application and you will be mailed a weatherproof Decolonize Daily sticker that does well out in rain or shine featuring art by Gaurav. See photos of the stickers at

$11 -- above + early access to the application and beta testing group to influence design and direction.

$27 -- above + a warm & cozy Decolonize Daily t-shirt. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised... It Will Be In Your Pocket. See photos of the t-shirt at

$108 -- above + a custom 18" x 24" #ForFreedoms Freedom of Worship poster made by Decolonize Daily and signed by Lydia Poncé (Mayo, Quechua, adopted-Tongva), grandmother of Decolonize Daily, AIM member and Director of Idle No More SoCal. This powerful image sparking the conversation of decolonization, diversity, inclusion and the concept of “America” on a national level is part of the largest collaborative creative project in the nation, touching all 50 states and currently appears on the cover of Time magazine.

$1,111 -- above + be first to be in the know with a custom crafted “Decolonize Daily Watch" from the Decolonize Daily development team. The DD Watch comes through with a daily delivery of actions, art, music, films and stories related to a specific community and cause that you get to choose. For example, if you care about justice and peace for "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women", we will create a DD Watch to scan trusted, credible sources across the Internet and deliver actions, art, music, films and stories directly to your inbox. You get to stay informed + inspired, connect with others, take action, share with your community and impact sustained change for the communities.

$3,333 -- above + 3 total Decolonize Daily Watches tailored to communities and issues you care most about.

$5,555 -- above + 5 total Decolonize Daily Watches tailored to communities and issues you care most about.

For full details on the app design and details on how we will use the funds raised, please see

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